Enrolment Process

Enrolment forms can be obtained either by mail or in person from our office or you can download the Enrolment Form here. Due to signatures required this form cannot be completed electronically yet. The main information required is your personal details and your whakapapa. If you need assistance because you do not know your whakapapa please contact us on (0800) 438 894 and we will try and put you in contact with someone who may be able to help you.

Endorsement of Enrolment Applications

Each application for enrolment is verified. No application is accepted until its authenticity has been verified. In some instances, applications for enrolment have been rejected. Rejection usually occurs because insufficient whakapapa details have been supplied.

Being on the Te Uri o Hau Beneficiary Register is important as its main purpose is for communication. As a registered beneficiary we rely on your support to notify our office with change of address, new additions to your family and bereavements.

If you have any queries regarding your registration please contact us on (0800) 438 894.

Request an Account

All registered Te Uri o Hau beneficiaries can gain access to the secure web site by calling us on (0800) 438 894.

If you are not a registered beneficiary you will need to complete a beneficiary enrolment form and submit to our office. You can download the Enrolment Form here or request one by calling us on (0800) 438 894.